Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sedbergh to Casterton, plodwards and onwards.

Last night we stayed in the lovely little Dales market town of Sedbergh.
Sedbergh is right on the edge of The Yorkshire Dales National Park, a small town, and very nice it is too. We stayed in The Bull Hotel, which was very comfortable, with yet more very helpful staff. A particular mention for Roxanne, who was very helpful and friendly.
Personally speaking, though, something missing was a decent drop of ale - they had none. So I slipped 50 yards down the road to The Dalesman after dinner, and they had plenty!

The Bull Hotel, very nice, comfortable.                                       The Dalesman.

Dalesman bitter, a particularly fine ale, local to the area. Ales brewed and drunk in the area are always much better. Sometimes they can - in my humble opinion - travel a wee way, but I really think they are much better kept local. And as for putting them in bottles - well, some like them, but it's not for me. Ale is much better kept in the cask, otherwise the flavour is somewhat lost, in my opinion.

Anyway, Sedbergh was damn good, and I am already thinking of a "Dales Walk", taking in Sedbergh, but that's for next year maybe. Today, it was off to Casterton, near Kirkby Lonsdale.

A little overnight rain was followed by steady morning drizzle, which carried on fairly steadily until lunchtime. It was never more than drizzle though, and didn't cause any problems like putting waterproofs on, though the hills were well covered in mist and low cloud. For this reason I abandoned an earlier idea of an interesting hill walk, and we stuck to the roads all the way to Casterton. It was only 12 miles, and pretty much just a half day in effect. Casterton is a quiet little village, just a mile and a half from Kirkby Lonsdale.
A very pleasant Inn, The Pheasant at Casterton.
and this was an interesting sight on the way over from Sedbergh!!
482 miles now done.
Alec Hawkes  12.06.13

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