Thursday, 6 June 2013

A few footsteps from Blighty...

Today we have reached Gretna Green
where men have been taking temporary leave of their senses since 1754. Well, maybe...
but this is the world famous Gretna Green, where young couples eloped to get married. It is just inside the Scottish border, and I gather it was because the age limit to get hitched was lower here than in England. So, young couples fled the angry father armed with a twelve bore to get married up here.
Anyway, we left Lockerbie at 8.30 this morning, having stayed over at The Kings Arms Hotel.
It was quite pleasant, good food, nice rooms - again though, no ale. Ali the waitress was very friendly and helpful, and manager John very kindly shifted our bags to Gretna Green. A 16 mile plod, again not much to see as it was all road walking on low ground, no hills, just one small river.
So now, Kirkcroft Guesthouse for the last night in Scotland.
Tommorrow morning we head into England, a 20 mile stroll to Talkin, just South of Brampton.
Alec Hawkes 06.06.13 
69 years since d-day.

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