Sunday, 9 June 2013

Milko on the plod in Cumberland.

Sunday 9th June.

A different sort of accommodation last night in Little Salkeld, but quite comfortable and I enjoyed it, though Lizzie didn't.

It was clean and comfortable, and only a mile and a half to the nearest pub, so no problem for dinner!

We strolled to Langwathby for dinner and a pint or three with this lovely couple who were staying the night in the caravan next door. Craig and Krystyna were walking Settle to Carlisle - the opposite direction to us - but last night we all walked to the pub in Langwathby and had a cracking good dinner, washed down with some damn fine ale. They were great company, and livened up the evening for us. We wished them good luck as they set off Northwards this morning, and they likewise with us heading South.
A quiet walk back to Langwathby was followed by 5 miles on the extremely busy road to Penrith, though I did manage a couple of nice pics as the canopy came over the road and offered a shady spot for a cuppa.

As we neared Penrith, a sign showing only 10 miles to Shap was very welcome, so after a quick cuppa, we plodded those ten in decent time, arriving at Brookfield Guesthouse just after 4 p.m.
                                                    A mile from Shap, fells rising to the West.

                                                   Passing through Clifton village, most interesting.

                                                   Clifton Moor, where the Duke of Cumberland caught up with Bonny Prince Charlie's highlanders in 1745. Around a dozen men killed on each side, a prelude to Culloden.

Brookfield in Shap.
We have a rest day here!! hurrah!!
17 miles done today, now touching 450 in total.
Alec Hawkes 09.06.13  on the plod..

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