Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A sad farewell to lovely friends.

After Ruth Sloan and Barry, Julie and Kevin Watson, and umpteen friendly and generous hoteliers and publicans - particularly in Scotland - another two lovely, helpful, and very generous people. Above is a picture of Jayne and Caroline, just before they moved our bags for a second day, this time on from Stourport to Worcester. Jayne and her family had very kindly fed me last evening, and what a feast it was! Jayne is a wonderful cook, and her family were so lovely and welcoming, beautifully behaved and wonderfully polite children too, thank you Mim and Cai, and also hubbie Martin. It was so kind of you.

I had a coffee with both Caroline and Jayne before leaving this morning, and very generously they both sponsored me, as did a lovely old gentleman in the coffee shop. Thank you so much all three of you, on behalf of the charities we are walking for!!

A lovely little 12 mile walk to Worcester followed, mostly alongside the river, with just a short, well marked detour for a mile. I was a bit behind Liz, after leaving late, but caught up with a splendid fellow named Greg, and we walked together until we caught Liz up around 4 miles from Worcester. A most pleasant little stroll in very welcome sunshine. It was pleasantly warm, dry all day, not too hot, but with plenty of the yellow rays beaming down through the trees and dancing upon the serene and calm waters of The River Severn.

The walk along the Severn is the longest riverside walk in Britain, and is quite lovely at times, mostly quite peaceful, and covers a long way - starting at it's source deep in Wales, and flowing all the way to The Bristol Channel and onwards to join the Atlantic. We are in a very calm and peaceful stretch, tonight in the historic city of Worcester. Tomorrow is a rest day, do I slip off to watch some cricket at the most beautiful cricket ground in England? I rather think so!!

                                                     Alec Hawkes 25.06.13 on the easy plod!

                                                     around 680 miles now, or thereabouts.


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