Monday, 10 June 2013

A big walk, lots of fun, but the main reason is to help charities.

Rest day in Shap. 450 miles now done, not far from halfway through. It has been lots of fun, but the main reason for doing it was to try and raise lots of money for 4 charities. I picked these carefully, so as to appeal to people 'across the board', as it were.
The A21 Campaign is trying very hard to put an end to the disgusting and totally inhuman practice of trafficking people. Many of these are young girls - though some boys as well - who are basically kept as slaves, or sex slaves, and sold. They are manipulated, controlled, conned, lied to, and have a pretty terrible life. I am trying to raise money and awareness to help The A21 Campaign help to put an end to it once and for all, or to at least make a difference. Please help if you can.Read to the end of this blog to see my just giving page.
SENSE. My second chosen charity. Sense help the deaf/blind community. This is fairly self explanatory, as most of us can see and hear perfectly well. Those who can't do not have as good a chance in life as we do. Please help SENSE to help make life better/easier for them. Please read to the end of this blog to see my just giving page.
WHIZZ-KIDZ is a mobility charity. They supply - at great cost - wheelchairs for disabled kids. These chairs do not come cheap, thousands of pounds for each one, so every penny counts in trying to move lives forward, so to speak. Please read to the end of the blog to see my just giving page.
The WRVS, though I gather the 'W' has been dropped recently, so the Womens Royal Voluntary Service has become the 'Royal Voluntary Service', so I'm given to understand. Anyway, they do a lot of work with the elderly, trying to improve lives. We will all be elderly one day, if we are lucky!
So, 4 very fine charities that all need as much help and funding as they can get. I set myself a target of £10k for each charity with this monster walk from John O'Groats to Lands End. I don't think I'll get anywhere near that now, as at nearly halfway through the walk SENSE is leading the list, but with less than £500! The A21 Campaign has only £115 in donations.
So, I have an online donation page at just giving. It is very easy to use, and totally safe for the user. Pleas go to   to see the 4 charities
and you can also read more about the individual charities and how your money can make a difference to so many lives. Thank you.
For those that are not keen to use a card on line, you can send a cheque made out to me - ALEC HAWKES - and I will pay it directly into the account I have opened specifically for this walk and donations at The Yorkshire Building Society.
You can sent the cheque to the following address;
P.O. BOX 6410        
LU7 3EE.
Alternatively, you could just ring me; 07914 276980
One other thing, my books.
When I decided to do this mammoth walk I soon realised my expenses would be very high, and so they are. I am now quite a bit in debt, but hey ho - i'll work very hard when I get back home and spend a year or two clearing them.
Anyway, to try and cover some of those expenses I wrote two books about the colossal mess that our idiot politicians and crooked bankers have created in Britain. These books are - so I've been told - very witty, funny, and very easy to read, sort of like "Have I got news for you", but in a book.
These books are both published, very reasonably priced at around £7 each (half that for the Kindle version!) and readily available now! At the top of this blog, go to "MY WARES", all the details you need are there. Also, you can get both books direct from me by sending a cheque for £8.50 per book (inc post and packing) and they will be signed by me. You need only put your name and address on a piece of paper, enclose the cheque for the appropriate amount depending on how many books you would like, and send to the PO box address given above.
If I manage to cover my expenses, then 10% of all further proceeds will go direct to the 4 charities as well, so please help if you can, and the books are good, you will have a good laugh even if you don't quite agree with the portrayal of our politicians as numpties and bankers as crooks!
Alec Hawkes, an ordinary bloke who is trying his absolute hardest.
On walkabout in England now. 09.06.13
                                                   My second book, very funny.
My first book, also very funny.

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