Thursday, 20 June 2013

Best Pics, for those who missed them!

Yesterday was a rest day at The Red Lion in Hartford, just South of Northwich, and very pleasant it was too!

Cathy and Julio Iglesias run The Red Lion at Hartford, which is in a fairly suburban area, but it doesn't feel like it. A very pleasant and relaxing feel about the place, for me, was particularly enhanced by the lovely little courtyard garden. Cathy has many plants around the courtyard, and it made for a marvellously relaxing place to sit and supp.
Both Cathy and Julio are very friendly, and a warm welcome makes one feel at home quickly.
The food - cooked by Cathy - is excellent, and the three real ales on offer were all very good indeed. No creamflow icecold nonsense here!!
Thank you Cathy and Julio, an excellent place for us to take a rest day!!
Oh, and two of the very friendly locals donated to the charity fund, cheers lads!
So, leaving Hartford just after 9 a.m., it was another easy 16 mile stroll down into Staffordshire, to Alsager. Reasonbly pleasant, though yet more walking through urban and suburban.
A few lessons learned now, when I plan my return plod from Lands End back up I shall do coastal paths and mountains as much as possible, the roads are boring by comparrison, with not an awful lot worth taking pictures of. So, answering the requests of a few folk who missed the earlier parts of this walk, here are some of my own favourite pictures, all taken on my beaten up little old Nokia phone!
Leaving John O'Groats on May 13th.

                                                   The rugged coastline at Janetstown, Latheron.
                    The Beach at Brora.

                                                 The harbour at Helmsdale with the morning sun.

High on The Great Glen Way.

                                                 Looking down on Loch Ness from The Great Glen.
                                                  Another view of Loch Ness.

The River Moriston at Invermoriston.
                                                 Approaching Kinlochleven.
                                                   The River Leven.

                                                     On the way from Kinlochleven to Glen Coe.

                                                    The West Highland Way.

 The Clyde at Lanark, sun dipping.
                                                     Two views of Loch Lomond.

                                                    Loch Tulla at Inveroran.

                                                   The highland path to Kinlochleven.

                                                     The cairn at the top of The Devils Staircase, 1850 feet.

                                                    The River Eden from Lacy's caves, Salkeld.

                                                    Woodland on the road to Penrith.

 Rivington Reservoir, Lancashire.

                                                   The River Ribble.

                                                   Some great pubs, The Blacksmiths Arms, Talkin.

                                                    The Benleva, Drumnadrochit.

The Drovers Inn at Inverarnan.
I'll be back to all three, in time.
Alec Hawkes on the plod  20.06.13

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