Monday, 17 June 2013

Milko Goes Walkabout, but now it's urban.

Well today we walked from Wigan to Warrington, or just outside to Stockton Heath actually, and it was about as naff as you would imagine an urban walk to be. The hotel in Wigan was not very good, and pricey for food and drink. It was one of those corporate chain hotels, which can be quite good - but this wasn't. Even the staff, except for one friendly girl from Finland, weren't very helpful. I won't be going to one of theirs again.
I didn't bother taking a picture of the hotel as it left me so unimpressed, so here is a picture of a nearby tree instead.
After having to wait until the taxi arrived to collect our bags  (the nest of vipers disguised as a receptionist insited they could not be left in the hotel), we left Wigan just after 10.30 a.m. and, pretty much as I had been expecting, it was just around 16 miles of urbania. Vehicle fumes sticking in the nostrils all day, and miles of shops, industrial estates, very few breaks in the housing, except for a brief leafy interlude when passing through Newton-Le-Willows.
Warrington is a typical large urban town, similar to many the length and breadth of the country, and merely serves as a stopping point for the purposes of this walk. Though, with hindsight I would have gone straight on through the edge of town and down to Northwich, or close by. That way would have clocked up a good few more miles and been a longer day, but hey ho, i'll know better next time!
So, now in Warrington, a far cry from the delights of rural Lancashire, and tomorrow we head for Northwich. Wednesday is a rest day, then we are done with urbania as we head for the more rural Shropshire.
569 miles in total.
Yesterday I was very pleased to recieve two donations to my just giving site, from Ruth and The Tockholes mob, and also from Alison Musgrove. On behalf of the charities we are doing this for, thank you all very much!
My online charity page link is on the home page of this blog, but here it is again for those who would like to kindly sponsor us.
Thank you!
Alec Hawkes   17.06.13

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