Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Would Walk 500 Miles... and then a few more!

500 miles now on the clock! My feet are sound, actually I have no aches atall - save for a yearning for my usual seat at home - The Bricklayers Arms in Aylesbury, that is.

I've missed London Pride, without a 
doubt, though the beer in Northern England is pretty good too!

I've missed my other two homes as well, but this big old plod is damn fine, and i'll be back soon.
While i'm rambling on about pubs back home, I really must thank the management at the three fine establishments above, for allowing me to leave my charity walk collection boxes in their fine hostelries. Olivia at The Bricklayers, Joolz at The Oak in Aston Clinton, and Lynne and Graeme at The Swan in Northall. I thank you all, love you all, and apologise for suppings of London Pride being down in my prolonged abscence. And why has The Swan dart team started losing???
Seriously though, thank you very much, I'm sure the boxes must be heavy with dosh from your generous and charitable customers, and I must also extend similar thank you's to Edlesborough Stores, D & E Hines (fine butchers in Eaton Bray), as well as lovely Jackie Page at K9 Grooming in Leighton Buzzard, these also have collection boxes for me. Thank you boys and girls!
Anyway, like I said, 500 miles now clocked up, pretty good for an old git, and therefore Lizzie has also done the same. Credit where it's due; I have had to coax her along at times - with various methods - but she is definitely getting fitter and stronger, and I don't have to wait as long at tea break stops for her to catch up. So well done old girl, you have done well.
Today we left Casterton in Cumbria, plodded through Kirkby Londale -  Yorkshire - set a foot or two in Lancashre, then back into Yorkshire and down into Settle, a lovely little town on the edge of The Yorkshire Dales.
18 miles today, easy walking in steady drizzle to start, then glimpses of sunshine, Not bad for June in England!
The above is Casterton, and I really thought the sun would break through. However...
The road to Settle remained overcast..

though largely dry. It was a pleasant walk, nothing too difficult, Much road walking at the moment, which seems a tad naff after so much walking on The West Highland Way, for example. Road walks, though, must be done to get through Britain and to the ultimate goal - Lands End.
Alec Hawkes 14.06.13

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