Friday, 7 June 2013

A sad farewell to Bonny Scotland, and a jolly little 'wotcha mate' to dear old Blighty.

Friday 7th June, a very sad farewell to bonny Scotland, and after 25 days walking, and nearly 400 miles, we finally crossed the border in England. Scotland has been wonderful, and the Scots have been fantastic with a warm welcome and a smile everywhere we went. Thank you Scotland.
So, around ten minutes after leaving Gretna Green, we were in England. I have enjoyed Scottish hospitality very much, but I have to confess to missing some serious English Ale.

Last evening we stayed in another exceptionally good guesthouse in Gretna Green. Kirkcroft was lovely, very well run by lovely couple Robert and Elaine. A lovely welcome with tea and biccies, and straightaway you know you are welcome. Thank you both, and and even bigger thank you for shifting our bags to our next stop at Talkin, near Brampton.

Very comfortable, with a lovely homely welcome. Recommended!
Rob and Elaine kindly did us an early breakfast, and we toddled off across the border around 8.30 ish, as we made our way towards Brampton, then down to Talkin. The lovely county of Cumberland, as I would prefer to call it, but Cumbria if you like.
Yorkshire folk, and those who saw Leicestershire Council try to deny the existence of Rutland will know what I mean.
Anyway, a pleasant walk to Talkin via many more roads, much quieter than of late though, and with the scenery becoming increasingly better as we approach the fells of The Eastern edge of The Lake District. 18.5 miles later, we arrived in the beautiful little village of Talkin.

The River Esk, a nice distraction on the way to Talkin.
And tonight's stop, The Blacksmith's Arms, is already looking very good indeed in old milko's 'best pubs on the route' competition. Very good food, quality REAL ALE, superb service with a lovely smile. Looking very good already.
Milko on Walkabout, now in England.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to England & the ale you crave...Doing bloody well so far mate. How's the feet? (posted by Colin)

alec hawkes said...

thanks Col, feet and body are good, stonking good ale last night in The Blacksmiths Arms at Talkin, near Brampton!