Monday, 10 June 2013

Rest Day in Shap.

With nearly half the walk done, around 450 miles, a rest day in Shap was very timely indeed. Relaxing at just about the best guesthouse you will ever find, anywhere, with the best hostess ever - lovely Margaret Brunskill - is just marvellous.

A very pleasant garden at Brookfield, with beautiful views over the fells.
As a veteran of many years plodding the Lakeland fells, I could not resist a few hours stroll - just a few miles - over to Wet Sleddale Reservoir. It would have been rude not to pay even a quick visit to the very edge of the Easternmost fells.

A short walk past the reservoir brings you to Shap fells on your left, and Swindale ahead of you to the West. Beyond Swindale and the rising hills is Haweswater and the towering Kidsty Pike, leading to the majestic High Street Range. I couldn't get that far, but as the sun eventually won the battle with the cloud, Kidsty was quite visible.
Sleddale Beck.

 The rising hills beyond Swindale Common, with Haweswater hiding behind, and Kidsty Pike lurking in the clouds.

Tomorrow we head further South to Sedbergh, for tonight, The Kings Arms is calling...

Alec Hawkes Milko on Walkabout.
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