Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A dirty great big plod for charity.

Now getting closer to 600 miles, we are in a delightfully leafy village, just South of Northwich in Cheshire. We left Warrington behind this morning, and strolled around 12 miles to Hartford. We have a rest day here, at The Red Lion, which is a marvellous pub with a fascinating history. I'll come back to that tomorrow, but for now I will concentrate on the main reason for doing this walk - to raise money for charity.

Just a quick mention of another Red Lion  - at Stockton Heath, just outside Warrington.
We had a nice dinner just up the road from here, at another pub, but afterwards Lizzie was tired and went back to the hotel, while I investigated this marvellous little place opposite, The Red Lion.
With Thwaites Lancaster Bomber on hand, and a pub full of good humoured locals, it made for a very pleasant couple of hours, and plenty of chat with a few folk who spotted my t-shirt and were very interested in the old plod.
For this beautifully simple, but extremely well designed shirt, I am indebted to the lovely people at Brand Marketing in Leighton Buzzard.
Katrina and Paul Hurley. A super little company, and their work is nicely priced and very good indeed! A double thank you to Katrina as she very generously sponsored me as well!
Also, I am indebted to Keith Hasleton - also known as The Windsor Geek.
Keith very kindly set this blog up for me to chart the progress of the walk, information about the two satirical books I have written, and also to (hopefully) encourage some donations to the charities I chose to try and help with this big old walk.
Another double thank you to Keith for his very generous donation as well!
Indeed, thank you very much to everybody who has donated money to the charities, and while I'm about it, thank you to everyone who has helped with many other things as well!!
The 4 charities I picked are;-

The A21 Campaign,                                                                             Sense,


and the WRVS.

As with all charities these days, funding is always desperately needed for them to carry out their work, making lives better for people, or at least trying to!

Please go to my online donation page at www.justgiving.com/teams/milko-goes-walkabout   to read
all about the individual charities and what they do, and please add a few quid if you are able to.

Alternatively, for those who aren't keen on using a card on line, I have opened a charity account at The Yorkshire Building Society. I am more than happy to accept cheques by post, which I can pay straight into The Yorkshire. Just make it payable to me - Alec Hawkes - and pop it in an envelope.
Please post to the following address;

                                               MILKO GOES WALKABOUT
                                               P.O. BOX 6410
                                               LEIGHTON BUZZARD
                                               LU7 3EE

Don't forget to add UK if you are abroad!

Thank you very much indeed.                       Alec Hawkes, on the plod in Cheshire.


p.s. you can also obtain copies of my satirical books from the same address for £8.50 each (that includes postage!)..          Ta.

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John Merrell said...

Hello Alec and Liz,

See you are making great progress and although you won't be crossing in to Wales, June and I will be happy to act as your proxy in the principality as we are spending 4 days in Snowdonia this week - in the hills and mountains you have been missing in your urban sections - know what you mean about that little hamlet! - but a bit like the Lake District, we will be touring rather than walking.

Planning my WHW/GGW walk in late August/September. Have had a read of your travels along both paths and would be interested in knowing where you stayed in Fort Augustus.

Really enjoying reading your blog and hope you get this.



PS1. My email is jmmerrell@hotmail.com
PS2. When are you planning to do reverse trip - are you serious??