Sunday, 2 June 2013

Out of the city to the rolling hills of Lanark.

Today marks the completion of three weeks since we started - 19 walking days and two rest days.

We had a very comfortable overnight stop at the Holiday Inn Express in Hamilton, in the outer suburbs of that great city of Glasgow.



Amanda at ALLANDER CABS of Glasgow had very kindly arranged for our bags to be picked up at our previous stop at Milngavie and delivered to the Holiday Inn at Hamilton, 21 miles away.This was totally free of charge. A magnificent gesture, for which we are very grateful. Our costs have been getting quite high, so things like this really do help, thank you so much Amanda and Allander Cabs.The very smart young lady in the picture is Aisha, from the Holiday Inn at Hamilton.
Aisha, and her friend on duty last evening and this morning, were exceptionally helpful. Nothing was any trouble atall to them, and all done with a lovely smile. Aisha also donated to my charity fund on behalf of the staff. Thank you Aisha, you were so helpful and friendly!
So, leaving around 10 a.m., we only had 15 miles to plod to Lanark, the only problem being lots of road walking with quite often a very narrow grass verge, or none atall!
We managed it, arriving at Bankhead Farm in Lanark just before 5 p.m.
I managed to get a few good pictures along the route, which pretty much follows the path of The River Clyde.
From the bridge nr Dalserf.

Tonight we are staying in Bankhead Farm, between Lanark and New Lanark, surrounded by rolling hills, very pleasant and splendid.

A few pleasant days ahead, as we wend our way through Lanarkshire to the border.

Alec Hawkes 02.06.13


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