Saturday, 15 June 2013

Closer to the treacle with every step...

This morning we left that smashing little Lancashire town of Clitheroe, without managing to catch even a glimpse of The Clitheroe Kid. He must have been in the pub I guess.

No matter though, as Ron at The Old Post House Hotel had been grand entertainment!


Clitheroe, a very nice little town.

The Old Post House Hotel is a very comfortable hotel, well run by Ron (above) and his very helpful staff. A warm and friendly welcome awaits all who enter, and I felt totally at home as soon as I shook Ron's hand. The food is very good indeed, an excellent chef, Mrs Ron, and Ron himself serve up some very tasty dinners, and indeed breakfasts!

A few pics of The Old Post House Hotel, I would thoroughly recommend it, cheers Ron, good luck!

Anyway, just a day or two more in Lancashire, and today we took a nice route to Blackburn, home of the once mighty Rovers (they'll be back!), through Whalley. More leafy lanes, as opposed to busy main roads, and the rain held off all day, bar a short shower near our destination along the Bolton road.

The River Ribble again, passing through Whalley this time. The past couple of days The Ribble has never been too far away, and I rather think that The Ribble Way is a walk well worth doing!

On through Whalley, towards Blackburn, passing through some splendidly named villages; Langho, Wilpshire - to name but two.

Then closer towards urbania again, and along main roads to Blackburn town centre. A few twists and turns around the centre of town, then onto the Bolton road as the rain arrived. It didn't stay long though, and the sun came out bang on cue as I slipped off to see old Jack, well, his statue anyway!

The statue of Jack Walker stands proudly outside Ewood Park, home of one of the oldest and greatest football clubs in England. Jack was a true fan, and did everything in his power to get his home town club to the top. He would be saddened at recent events, but I'm sure they'll be back in time.

So, a decent little plod of 16 miles to Blackburn. Tomorrow, we climb the hill out of Blackburn, out onto the moors at Eckerslike, and past the last great treacle mines at Tockholes. I've been looking forward very much to this one!!

Big thanks are due to a lovely lass, good friend of mine Ruth Sloan for shifting our bags today, and also tomorrow. Thank you very much indeed Ruth! x

                                                    533 miles now.

                                                    Alec Hawkes 15.06.13

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