Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A big walk, high expenses.

I am very happy to be doing this dirty great plod for charity, and am now over a third of the way through it. The expenses, though, are quite high. It was mainly for this reason that I wrote a couple of books to  - hopefully - sell, and help to cover some of those expenses. Also, I am sick of being conned by politicians of every type and political colour.

So, my two books are a satirical look at the fiddling buggers we know as M.P.'s, and their crooked chums - the bankers. Between them, and their decades of mismanagement, they have created the financial mess we have in Britain today. Both books - so I've been told - are very witty, and hard hitting, as the politicians are portrayed as exactly what (most) of them are - crooks, or idiots, or both.

Both books are available (cheap!) at Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback form, and also both are available direct from me.
Getting the books direct from me means that you'll contribute more to my charity fund, as Amazon take a high percentage in commission with books bought from them. Also, buying direct from me you'll get a signed copy.
Please go to 'MY WARES' on the top of this blog to see how to get the book(s), or contact me direct on 07914 276980   email 
Thank you    Alec Hawkes   on walkabout 2013.

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