Friday, 31 May 2013

Thank you for all the nice comments from the folk following this plodathon.

Just a short update to everybody who is following my blog,thank you for your interest and to those that leave their thoughts and comments - it makes it all worthwhile!

Thank you also to all the people who have donated to my just giving page, on behalf of Whizz-kidz, Wrvs, Sense, and The A21 Campaign. Every penny is much needed by those worthwhile charities.

Thank you, also, to those who have donated along the way in cash. I have it all safe, and when I am close enough to a branch of The Yorkshire Building Society I shall pay it in to the account I opened specifically for donations. At the end of the walk I will be drawing a cheque on it for just giving to add to the pot, enabling gift aid also on that.

Also, a big thank you to all those who have been sharing my link, it's really good when people do, and even better when they add a few words. Most recently, Margaret at The Drovers Inn at Inverarnan. I am hoping to raise lots of money for charity with this dirty great plod, so thank you for that.

And last, but not atall least, thank you to all the wonderful publicans, hoteliers,bar staff, guesthouse and bnb owners, and people we have met along the way. You have all been so friendly and welcoming. Scotland really has been a marvellous few weeks!  :-)

Alec Hawkes    31.05.13  

Also, don't forget I have two rather witty books on sale, to help with my expenses, and also to add more funds to the charity pot. Please go to 'MY WARES' at the top of the blog home page, and see how easily you can obtain either or both of my books. If you think politicians and bankers have made a mess of things, if you like a good laugh, you'll enjoy my books!!

Thanks all!

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