Sunday, 26 May 2013

Milko's big plod - update days 13 and 14.

Today is Sunday 26th May, I now have a very good signal thanks to Ellen who runs the excellent guesthouse we are staying in tonight - The Glengarry in Tyndrum, midway along The West Highland Way. I managed to update a little yesterday evening at The Kings House Hotel in Glen Coe, but the signal was very weak (not surprising as it is surrounded by majestic mountains!) and gave up after struggling for an hour or more to write a few lines only.

So, yesterday was the eagerly awaited second leg of The West Highland Way, including the much vaunted Devils Staircase. Many folk had told us that it was really tough, though they had gone up it. Some said "it'll be worse going down though, very steep!". It was plain sailing to old milko, and Lizzie found it ok too. That was near the end of a fairly arduous climb from Kinlochleven - 6 miles of plodding that kept levelling out, then up a bit more, and a bit more...
The staircase marks the high point of the route at 1850 feet, surrounded by much higher mountains - many with snow still on them. Once down the staircase, an easy 2 miles brings you to The Kings House Hotel, an 'oasis' surrounded by majestic and daunting looking mountains, and many deer that happily wander around outside the hotel.

ttPictures. top left, the walk/climb to Kings House from Kinlochleven.

Top right, a lovely couple from the Midlands who donated a fiver to my charity fund - thanks you two, hope the rest of your walk was good!
The others, the deer that happily wander around grazing right outside the hotel, and The Kings House Hotel itself - a magnificent place in the middle of nowhere. A walkers paradise, with plenty of well equipped rooms, several bars, high quality food served in the bars or restaurant. There is ample room outside for camping as well, and - from my point of view - the ale and whisky are very good indeed!
The milage from Kinlochleven to Kings House was around 9.5.

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