Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Milko goes plodding - update, days 15/16.

Monday 27th May 2013.

Tyndrum to Inverarnan. 19 miles.

An easy walk to Inverarnan over pretty good terrain was made much more interesting by the all day rain. In fact it had rained most of the night as well, so the water flowing down the mountains to swell the rivers was gushing, powerful, and quite beautiful.

The rivers Coninish and Falloch became powerful and quite lovely with the constant flow of rainwater falling into them at many places!
The initial route out of Tyndrum was fairly flat, but quite soon we had a bit of climbing to do, which did become much harder as the rain lashed woodland tracks became quite muddy and slippery.
Getting up to around 1000 feet the wind got up, and prevented me from lighting a cigarette for quite some time! Coming down the hill near Glen Falloch, the rain began to ease and we could see the full force of the rain as the mountain streams powered downhill to join the river. Just a few more miles on the flat and we arrived in Inverarnan, yep, just as the sun came out to play!
The Drovers Inn at Inverarnan, quite possibly the best pub i've ever had the pleasure of staying in!
We arrived early at Inverarnan - partly due to 'cracking on with it' due to the bloomin' rain!
Washed and changed by 5.30, no wifi available, right - bar then!
A stonking good meal was followed by a marvellous evening of fine ale, whisky, good company (we met a young couple from near where I used to live!), and fabulous entertainment from a couple of singing, strumming, and joking Scotsmen. Quite splendid!

I really can't praise the staff at The Drovers highly enough. They were extremely helpful and welcoming, very attentive to all, and they all carried a friendly smile. As you can imagine - it's very popular, and I would thouroughly recommend the place to everybody. Breakfast, also, was extremely good, and very well organised. The very helpful young lady in the picture above even gave me £5 from the staff to add to my charity fund as she stamped and signed my book - thank you very much!
So, very happy as we left The Drovers for the 14 mile plod to Rowardennan.
It proved to be a pretty straightforward walk, with just a few up n down bits along the shores of Loch Lomond. 7 hours was ample to cover the distance to Rowardennan, with plenty of time to get a few pictures of that most bonny of Lochs!

Alec Hawkes Tuesday 28th May 2013  approx 275 miles now!

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Anonymous said...

There are many benefits from heavy rain, in the beautiful waterfalls. Most impressive.
You are plodding but seeing many parts that would not otherwise be seen. Lucky you!