Sunday, 26 May 2013

day 14 - milko's plodathon.

Today's walk - Sunday 26th May 2013.

Leaving Kings House after a hearty breakfast at 9.25, we began a 19 mile plod to Tyndrum.

The first ten miles were very comfortable, plodding over the beautiful edge of Rannoch Moor to Inveroran. Very little uphill, and very little down. The whole time, though, surrounded by the Black Mountains and wide open moorland. I saw and heard many Grouse hopping and chirping around, though none would come close enough for any pictures to be taken!

After strolling through Inveroran, there follows a short sharp climb from opposite The Inveroran Hotel. Upwards for a mile, then levelling out for a while, before descending rapidly into Bridge of Orchy. 12 miles completed, then a further 7 easy miles to the lovely little village of Tyndrum.

Inveroran with the Black Mountains behind.


Glengarry House, a very fine guesthouse indeed!
Another view of Inveroran, with the hotel in the middle.

Looking back to Bridge of Orchy from the path to Tyndrum.

I could never tire of walking in this magnificent country, Scotland!
miles plodded today, 19. Running total around 240  ish.
Big update to come in four days, second rest day approaching!
Alec Hawkes 26.05.15
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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic feat. Simon and Andrew and there mates have just completed the Cumbria Way, the third walk to date. Glad you are enjoying Scotland and am very proud of you. Hope the weather doesn't cause too many problems. I know the boys enjoyed having a response to their blogging. I couldn't agree with your profile more! One of your oldest friends hazel xx hope Lizzie is enjoying herself too.

Andrew Spencer said...

Hi Alex, fantastic blog and stunning scenery. The west highland way is on our wish list to do in the near future and what you are doing is outstanding. I will keep following the blog now mum has sent me the link and look forward to more great pics and entertaining blogs. Andrew :-)