Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rest day in Wadebridge, then on the coast at Newquay.

An overdue and welcome rest day in Wadebridge yesterday was spent doing not a lot really. Liz hired a bike and rode the 5 miles along The Camel Trail to Padstow, while I caught up with washing at the local launderette. Well, they do say the Cornish can be just a little daft but the instructions in the wash house were cracking!!

It went like this; B. (no A by the way, straight to B) - open door, then B again - load with washing, (C also missed), D - add soap, E - stand clear, then D again - shut door, F - wait. Excellent, so thereyar then!

Washing done, I strolled by the river, laid down by the river, dozed by the river,
until I was a tad thirsty by late afternoon, so a visit to the highly recommended Molesworth Arms was a must!
The Molesworth is an excellent pub, doing very good food, and one or two good local ales, Trelawney being very worth a sample.
We met a very friendly Aussie couple in here
Dave and June, who had visited London, and were now very much enjoying the much slower pace of things in Kernow. June was a bigger cricket fan than Dave (rugby man), and we had a great chat about the (now started) Ashes series between England and Australia. We both agreed that it was a great sporting rivalry between the two countries, where the winning of the old urn pretty much evens out over the years. One team gets the upper hand for a while, but soon enough the pendulum swings back the other way. As it always has in Lions and Aussie rugby tussles, we won this time, but they'll be back to bite us soon enough. Anyway, a lovely couple, and great to meet you both Dave n June, the thing I love the most about the Aussies is they are so straight about everything, I always find loads more in common with Aussies and 'Kiwi's' than I do with Europeans!!
Anyway, the sunset was pretty good - as ever down this way - but I only just caught the end of it!

A good night's sleep, after a tough day taking it easy, was followed this morning by a classic bit of Cornishness! Slipping downstairs at The Swan Hotel for breakfast at 8.15, no chef. But nobody had actually noticed. A young lady doing the hoovering made a couple of pots of tea, but still no sign  of any breakfast! Eventually, around 9, some action began. It doesn't matter though because this is Kernow, and everything always gets done drekly, or whenever, sometime, maybe, so theryar then!
Eventually leaving Wadebridge around 10 a.m. in more glorious sunshine, we had a very easy 16 miles to Newquay. Part along the A39, then along a few leafy lanes for a while,
before hitting the very busy road past Newquay airport, then through the town to our stop for tonight.
Bedlam House, a very nice guest house run by a lovely couple, Carole and Mark.
Big thanks to those who yesterday and today donated to the charities I am doing this walk for, it really is very much appreciated!!
Alec Hawkes 10.07.13

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