Sunday, 7 July 2013

A great night with the locals!

I had a hunch The White Horse in Launceston was going to be a goodun, and I was bang on, it was fantastic!
As you can see, Proper Job was on tap, and very good it was too - as was the Dartmoor Ale, a little darker and hoppier.
Even as I arrived at the pub mid afternoon, a table of friendly locals in the garden spotted my t-shirt
and shook my hand as they gathered lots of change together to donate to the charity fund, bloody marvellous! Liz arrived shortly after, and we booked in.
As it was early, we waited a while for dinner, and I couldn't resist a pint or two while chatting with very interested locals about the big plod. Dinner was excellent, and afterwards I met several more very friendly locals who very kindly added more donations - cheers guys, you were superb and it was a great evening, particularly Ben and Tash, as well as the excellent staff at a very good pub!!
So, this morning it was already very warm when we left at 9.30, but only 12 miles to plod to the world famous Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor.
A little off the obvious route down to Lands End, but very worth a visit.

And Bodmin Moor is pretty good too!!
Arriving at Jamaica Inn in plenty of time to see the tennis, the sky is pretty blue and the sun very warm, I sincerely hope to get a good sunset snapped this evening!!
Alec Hawkes, plodding on for charity

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